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Recruitment with Purpose

The TalentPool Company believes that every business has the power to change lives by giving back through its everyday business activities.

What does this mean?

The TalentPool Company are proud to be a part of the B1G1 (Buy1, Give1) community, where your relationship with TalentPool either as a Client or a Candidate will in turn create a positive impact with one of our chosen causes.

How does it work?

When you partner with The TalentPool Company our priority will always be to find you the best in class solution to help you or your business continue to grow and develop. However, the positive impact of finding that solution does not stop there. Where there is positive development with our clients and candidates alike, we contribute impacts to B1G1 as a demonstration of our appreciation.

Who will receive the impacts?

Unlike conventional giving models, B1G1 help facilitate worthy social impacts through day to day business activity.

The TalentPool Team have selected three causes that close to our hearts and in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development goals for 2030


Our Causes are:

Child Literacy

With The TalentPool family brood at 7 (and growing), we take for granted the strength of our education system. It may seem a basic step in a child’s development but its alarming to see how many children aren’t afforded this opportunity. One of our chosen causes is to Give Books to Children in Emergency Care.



The TalentPool family love animals and with deforestation a global issue, the density of orangutans has declined drastically by 50% in the past 16 years. Our chosen impact is to help decrease this decline by Planting Trees to Save the Orangutans.



Being able to eat nutritious food is the most basic form of human functionality, so we have chosen to create positive impacts by Providing Nutritious Meals to Children and Young Families living in some of the most deprived areas of the UK.

For more information click through to B1G1 to understand more and to see who else are part of the Business for Good community.


Thank you to all those that have chosen to partner with The TalentPool Company and the positive impacts this will allow us to collectively create as a result.